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Thought Justice is the journalism moniker for Thomas McFarlan, and covers surveillance abuse, COVID-19, 5G wireless, 9/11, and related deep-state issues. If you would like to be notified when goes live, send an email to Thomas at: with the subject line “Website Notice”.

Thomas also offers personal coaching services
 for those seeking psychological-spiritual guidance,
 and counseling regarding how best to respond to 
a world run into the ground by the deep-state. If you’re interested in hearing more about the personal coaching services Thomas offers, send an email to Thomas at: with the subject line “Coaching Services”.

Breakthrough Articles and Insightful Videos As Seen Here

Thought Justice video feature content is currently available online on YouTube here, as well as, on Bitchute here. Thought Justice articles are available on the Thought Justice site on the Minds blogging platform here.

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