I'm now offering customized one-on-one coaching sessions, for those subject to political persecution, activists, and spiritual truth seekers of all kinds. The focus of my coaching work, is centered around imparting an empowered spiritual understanding, thus a realization of one's power of thought. However, I also offer my expertise on best practices for surviving political persecution, fundamental deep-state truth topics, best practices for EMF radiation protection, and naturopathic self care medicine.


When I refer to the spiritual, or gaining a spiritual understanding, I'm referring to the naturally occurring and innate sense of one's identity and security beyond the physical and the worldly. I'm not talking about religion which amounts to the customs, practices, adornments, and idols that guise the spiritual—which the vast majority of the time is just used to actually rob people of their innate spiritual birthright. I'm talking about the pure, simple, and unadorned ground of being that isn't owned by any singular modality, practice, or perspective but is at the root of all authentic spiritual realization.


There is no single modality that holds a monopoly on gaining a spiritual understanding, nor is there a single multi modality blueprint for all to seek this fulfillment. Every individual human being has an unique path to walk to arrive at this understanding. Thus I don't rely on any single perspective on the path of truth that I walk, nor do I teach from a single modality. I use all the perspectives that have served me in how I teach, and I view each student as an unique circumstance who will be served best in an individualized manner, and who must learn to insightfully carve out their own unique path of truth.

I offer a free initial 20-30 minute consultation for those seeking individualized guidance, in carving out their own unique path, to gain an empowered spiritual understanding. For some people this initial consultation may lead them to explore mostly solitary study with books, video tutorials, and other very affordable resources, for others it may lead them to another spiritual teacher, but for those who resonate with my unique guidance, I offer full one-on-one consultations in 1 hour and 15 minutes sessions, or 2 hour sessions. I require a minimum donation for these full sessions on a sliding scale, that's dependent on the particular life circumstances of the individual.


For those who aren't engaged in serious activism, and aren't subject to political persecution: $90.00/per 1 hour and 15 minute session, and $150/per 2 hour session.


For those who're activists working intensely on activism projects: $75.00/per 1 hour and 15 minute session, and $125.00/per 2 hour session.


For those who're subject to severe political persecution, or are full fledged targeted individuals: $60/per 1 hour and 15 minute session, and $110.00/per 2 hour session.


For those who're full fledged targeted individuals, who're suffering through the most severe targeting and are without resources, I offer free sessions on a case-by-case basis when I am able to do so.


To book an initial consultation or a full consultation session, please email me at the following address with the  word "coaching" in the subject line of the email: